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American Pediatric Dental Group in Plantation, FL takes great pride in providing high-quality orthodontic care to transform the smiles of our patients and improve their lives. A straight smile not only looks great, but it also carries many benefits; this includes cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and better digestion for children, teens, and adults!

You and your family deserve the best, and that’s exactly what we’re going to provide! Allow us to address your needs, conduct treatment, and deliver incredible results to benefit your health and appearance. We invite you to call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to get started; you’ll certainly be glad you did!

Traditional Braces 

Traditional metal braces are the dependable, time-tested option that has been producing incredible results for patients since the early 17th century! Over the years, braces have evolved to continue providing great results while becoming more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, using smaller brackets and wires. Today, braces are fun, colorful, customizable, and more easily managed by dentists.

The process for smile transformations with braces proceeds as follows:

  • Metal brackets are cemented to the front surfaces of the teeth.
  • A wire is secured along the surface of each tooth, held in place by each bracket. 
  • Routine appointments are scheduled for the wire to be tightened to gradually shift the teeth and jaw into alignment. 
  • Rubber bands may be attached to the brackets to better align the bite.
  • Upon completion of treatment, brackets and wires are removed to reveal a perfectly straightened smile.
Ceramic Braces

Like traditional braces, ceramic braces also utilize brackets and wires to achieve straighter teeth. The big difference with using ceramic braces is that the brackets are made from porcelain!

Porcelain is commonly used in cosmetic dental procedures due to its ability to blend with natural teeth; its appearance is actually able to match the shade and shine of a natural tooth! When used as a bracket, the device appears virtually invisible against the tooth surface and doesn’t stand out as much as the shiny, silver metal used in traditional braces. For patients looking for orthodontic treatment that is more concealable than traditional braces, give us a call to learn more about the option!


 Our practice is proud to offer Invisalign clear aligners as another solution to meet our patient’s dental needs. There are no brackets or wires in the Invisalign system; instead, patients will receive a series of custom-created translucent trays, designed to perfectly fit their teeth. Each aligner is slightly different from the last, allowing them to gradually shift the teeth with each new set. Benefits of Invisalign include:

  • The aligners are removable
  • Invisalign is virtually invisible
  • Comfortable, smooth design
  • Capable of great results

Usually, we recommend Invisalign for older patients; teenagers and adults are better suited to this treatment method since their teeth and jaws have already fully developed, making the results more retainable. 

Orthodontics For All Ages 

We are prepared to serve patients both young and old, bringing beautiful, healthy smiles to our community. Each day, we want to help more and more people reach their smile goals and unlock their potential for better health and wellness in their dental care. 

Our team at American Pediatric Dental Group is eager to see you and your family in our office! Want to get started? That’s easy! Give us a call today; we are delighted to tell you more about the incredible world of orthodontics and schedule a complimentary consultation for you

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