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Children with Special Needs

Every child is entitled to the highest standard of dental care. For children with special needs, however, maintaining oral health can present unique challenges. Our dedicated team is resolute in their commitment to providing a comfortable and remarkable dental experience tailored to your child’s specific needs. Through our collective effort, we’ve successfully helped numerous children achieve excellent dental care and overcome obstacles to their oral health. With a blend of patience, determination, and tenacity, we cater to each child’s individual needs, creating a positive and reassuring dental experience. 

Regular Check-Ups

Consistent dental check-ups form a crucial part of ensuring your child’s smile remains vibrant and healthy. It helps in early detection of dental decay or infections. Children with special needs may find routine oral hygiene tasks like brushing and flossing challenging, and expressing discomfort or pain could be equally difficult. Some might also exhibit heightened sensitivity in the mouth area. Regular visits to the dentist enable us to detect and promptly treat any budding dental issues, thus preventing more serious complications. Establishing a pattern of regular dental appointments lays the groundwork for a future of healthy smiles. 

Our Team

Our team is enriched with extensive experience in serving children with special needs. We are continually learning and adapting our techniques to offer the best possible dental care. We’ve found that children with special needs often have better experiences with morning appointments when they are well-rested. Our doctors and staff demonstrate exceptional patience and understanding, particularly with children who have special needs, ensuring their experience is positive at every juncture.

We are proud to include a board-certified pediatric dentist with a sedation license in our team, along with a physician anesthesiologist. Sedation can be a valuable tool, enabling your child to receive comprehensive treatment in a single visit and ensuring they remain calm and comfortable throughout their dental care. To further foster a sense of ease, we offer both private and semi-private rooms, accommodating each child’s unique comfort level. Children with special needs deserve a dental experience that is both accommodating and exceptional. Our team is prepared to provide that experience. Reach out today to schedule a visit for your child! We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to contribute positively to your child’s oral health journey. 


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What People Are Saying

Miguel A.
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An incredibly wonderful dental clinic, its staff is highly qualified, a very professional and friendly staff, very attentive, the treatment of children being the best I have ever seen. I recommend this clinic and its doctors and technical staff 100%.
Ivonne A.
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My son has had his last three appointments here and we are super happy and satisfied, the dental assistant who treated us today (Her name is Akita I think) was exceptionally patient and a good explainer. The doctor was excellent too. Even though the location is a bit far from where I live, I 100% prefer to come to this location than to the nearest location. Thanks for everything and keep it up.
Kimberly M.
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Staff is always welcoming, but today they really went beyond. I am very grateful and pray God continue blessing them. I really recommend this place I have been taking my children here for almost over 8yrs. I had set appointments for my 2 children. But one needed an additional service and I had requested to be called for any cancellations due to insurance problems. They immediately without any hesitation started contacting the up coming set appointments that had not confirmed and were able to find a cancellation and my child was able to be seen for the additional service. Thank you so much for your help!
Mariangel V.
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I take my daughter for her annual visit every six month and every time I go is awesome! Doctors are very friendly and understanding with kids, and also take parents in consideration to join the process and explain everything you need to know about your child's dental health. Making and rescheduling appointments is very easy. And there's almost no wait time. Front desk staff is very polite and nice. Very happy with their services.
Staffica B.
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The office is clean and inviting. From the receptionist to the Dr, everyone was friendly. Ms. Eddy did a great job with my kids. She spoke in a caring manner and explained everything she was doing. The Doctor answered all of my questions and gave great feedback. I would highly recommend this office.
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