Advanced Technology

In our office, we want you to feel at ease knowing that your child is receiving exceptional dental care! Dentistry is more advanced than ever before and offers many forms of technology to help your child’s dental experience be both convenient and comfortable. We have invested in technology that will help your child have a better overall experience. From overhead televisions to semi-private rooms, our Kendall, FL office is designed to fit your child’s needs and help them enjoy their dental experience. 

Overhead Televisions

Your child can enjoy a movie or their favorite show while sitting in the dental chair! Many children feel more relaxed and have an easier time sitting still with the help of our overhead televisions. Your child having an enjoyable dental experience is our top priority! 

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera looks like a large pen and is used to get a better look at your child’s smile. This camera works by taking a picture of your child’s teeth and displaying that picture on a large computer screen. With the help of an intraoral camera, both you and your child’s dentist can view enlarged images of your child’s smile and easily view any dental concerns including dental decay, gum disease and tooth damage. 

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiography uses a handheld x-ray unit to take images of your child’s smile while they sit comfortably in the dental chair. Without a need to move out of their seat, your child can enjoy a movie while their dentist gathers x-ray images. Your little one’s safety is our top priority and digital radiographs emit less radiation compared to other forms of x-ray technology. 

Nitrous Oxide

If your child needs help relaxing during a dental visit, nitrous oxide can help. Nitrous oxide is administered through a facial mask and begins to work within minutes. Your child will feel at ease while their dentist works on their smile. With nitrous oxide, your child can respond to their dentist if needed but will not be bothered by surrounding smells or sounds. Nitrous oxide can help your child get the care that they need without feeling anxious or afraid.

If you live in the Kendall, FL area, call us today to schedule your child’s next appointment! We look forward to helping them smile for years to come!

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