Top Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist

At APDG our team takes pride in our ability to care for special-needs patients and we continually educate ourselves in order to serve our patients with the highest standard of care. Given that it is Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to shed more light on the importance of choosing a Pediatric Dentist for your child with ASD. A pediatric dentist will take the time to meet with you and your child in order to learn more about them and choose the best plan of action for your child’s oral health. We’ve outlined some advantages that you as a parent will have by choosing a pediatric dentist, rather than just a general dentist.

4 Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist for Children with Autism

1. Environment – A pediatric dental office is furnished with very playful, kid-friendly surroundings to help ease your child’s anxiety. Some offices might even offer fun fish aquariums, TVs, and music that has been proven to help calm a child’s sensory needs.

2. Experience – Pediatric Dentists have 2 or more years of additional training working with kids with special needs, including forms of ASD. You will have the confidence knowing your child will have the best experience possible.

3. Preparation – Pediatric dentists take additional time to plan for your child before the actual appointment. They want to familiarize your child with the entire process and take special note of what your child might exhibit during their visit.

4. Follow Up – Your child will have a sense of familiarity with the staff, dentist, and office. Kids with autism feel more comfortable with something they have already met and by establishing a “dental home”, you will accustom your child to regular dental visits that are crucial in preventing dental disease. The staff will have prior knowledge and experience, so your child’s next visit will be that much more beneficial and less stressful on you and your child.

Learn more about Autism Awareness and ways to get involved here!

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