Sedation Dentistry

For many patients, especially children, a dental chair is far from relaxing and dental treatments can cause a lot of anxiety. Sitting still in a dental chair is especially hard for kids! With the help of sedation dentistry, your child can feel at ease while receiving the dental care that they need. By providing your child with good dental experiences at an early age, you can help them feel comfortable visiting their dentist on a regular basis as they get older. 

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation can be used during a regular office visit, as well as during extensive appointments. If your child is in need of dental treatment, sedation dentistry may be recommended. Sedation dentistry allows your child’s dentist to give them exceptional dental care and provide a full treatment in just one visit. Your child’s dentist can accomplish a lot while your child is still and calm.

Nitrous Oxide

At American Pediatric Dental Group, we offer nitrous oxide as a sedation option to give your child a relaxing dental experience. Nitrous oxide is effective for both children and adults and is administered through a facial mask. Once the mask is placed over your child’s nose, the effects of sedation will begin almost immediately. With nitrous oxide, your child can communicate with their dentist when needed, but will not be startled by surrounding sounds or smells during treatment. Sedation will begin to wear away as soon as the mask is removed. 

If you are interested in pediatric sedation dentistry in Lake Worth, FL, call our office today! If you have questions regarding sedation dentistry, a consultation can be scheduled to help you determine the best options for your child. Giving your child a great dental experience can help them receive the treatment that they need to maintain a healthy smile!

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